About Us

Jeff has always had an interest in designing and building, along with a passion for automation. During junior college, he enrolled in nearly every welding and machining class he could take all while pursuing an AS in engineering and an AA in physics. Next, he headed off to Cal Poly Pomona to get his BS in mechanical engineering with a minor in mathematics and an emphasis in robotics. It was during this time that he learned how to integrate software and electronics with mechanical devices.

While still studying at Cal Poly Pomona, Jeff started interning at a company that specialized in creating mobile command vehicles for police departments, fire departments and other first responders. He soon became the mechanical engineering department manager, and later was promoted to project manager. Being involved with all aspects of a project – from quoting, to designing, to production, to delivery – gave Jeff the right foundation for starting his own business.

Jeff first began designing the RIG 6 in February 2011 and when time allowed he continued development on nights and weekends after work. At the end of October 2016, Jeff and his wife Heather decided to make producing the RIG 6 their full-time jobs. True Aim Targets was born.

While Jeff mainly focuses on the development of the RIG 6 and business details, Heather has taken on most of the marketing and the management of the Kickstarter campaign.

True Aim Targets is thankful to have the recent additions of an electrical engineer and a software programmer joining the team to help bring the RIG 6 through the final stages of product development. With the help of these experts and the funding from Kickstarter, the RIG 6 should be on the market by early 2018.