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New Product Video + 2 Week Countdown To Kickstarter Challenge


We have two announcements you don’t want to miss!

Speed Challenge: Random Demo Video

We have yet another demo video for you to enjoy.  This one highlights how to play “Speed Challenge” on the “Random” setting.

Which other games would you like filmed?


Referral Challenge

Also, we’re at the two-week mark until Kickstarter!  We have yet another challenge for you from now until the end of Friday, September 22, 2017.  Winners will be announced the following day.

Whoever can refer someone to us will be included in a T-shirt raffle!  There is no limit to how many referrals and subsequent raffle entries you can have (and therefore, no limit on how many T-shirts you may win).  Reach out to your local shooting ranges, clubs, tactical training reps, police departments and fellow shooting sports enthusiasts.

If we get any new leads such as emails, subscribers, or contact form submissions, we’ll ask if they were referred to us by anyone (so make sure they at least know your first and last name).  You can also help us by letting us know who you’ve referred.

*BONUS* Whoever has the most referrals will automatically win a metal ammo can plus a T-shirt!  You must have at least five (5) referrals to win.


True Aim Targets RIG 6 Product Promo Tshirts

Thanks for reading our updates and joining our journey!


Jeff and Heather Coppi

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